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North American VASA
North American VASA

38th Annual North American VASA

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
North American VASA
12km, 27km and 50km -- Freestyle and Classic
6km Freestyle (14-19 yrs only)
Jr Vasa
Fat Bike Race

Sunday, February 9th, 2014
Gran Travers'
16km and 6km Classic

To register for the 2014 North American Vasa (NAV) you will be taken through a few steps. The first step will be which race you would like to enter. The second step will involve your placement into an appropriate wave. Wave placement is determined either by your 2013 NAV race time OR by your race pace which you will be assisted in determining during the registration process (Race pace is in the form: minutes:seconds per kilometer). If you have no prior race information you will be placed in the last wave. Since the trail system is intimate we are limiting the wave sizes to 40 skiers. Proper wave placement makes for a more enjoyable race. Since there is a limit on the size of each wave, the earlier you sign up the better your chance of being placed in the proper wave. If the wave you feel you should be entered in is full, you will be placed in the next slower wave in which space is available.

2013 Results

New Event:

Be the first Vasa SkiFatalon Champion. The North American Vasa is adding the Vasa SkiFatalon event for men and women. The fastest combined times for a 27k Ski race and the 27k Fatbike race will be the first VASA SkiFatalon Champions with bragging rights for the year as the fastest dual-event athletes on snow! Sign up for both the 27 k Freestyle or Classic Ski race, and the 27 K Fat Bike Race. For Vasa SkiFatalon entrants please use the discount code "fatalon" to receive a $20 discount.


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North American VASA Saturday February 8, 2014, 8:00 AM

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North American Vasa
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